Riding rough – chapter 6

Her lips tasted sweet with a remnant of amber whisky. Heavy wanted more. He wanted to devour her. This broad, Madigan, was a kind of woman he had never met before, the kind he could lose himself in. She incited the caveman in him. He wanted to throw her over his shoulder, take her back to his cave, and never let her leave.

A groan left him as Madigan pulled on his lip, sauciness evident in the glint of her eye. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Heavy turned her head to gain access to the soft skin of her neck. He kissed, nipped, and sucked on her, wanting to leave his mark. His hands crawled in under her blouse, making her quiver slightly. He felt the lace of her bra and cupped her ample breast as Madigan stroked his hardness through his jeans.

‘I’ll take you against this wall, if we continue like this,’ he said, his voice hoarse and guttural.

He needed to take a step back from her, but his hands didn’t leave her body. Feeling her chest expand with every heavy breath against his palms, made his dick throb.

Heavy had spent the last couple of days telling himself that he needed to leave this woman alone. She wasn’t a sweetbutt nor a friend of the MC. ‘Leave her alone’ had been his damn mantra, but every time he thought about Madigan, he felt his blood flowing.

Here she was in his hands. Her silken hair framing her face. Her piercing blue eyes looking at him hungrily, and her mouth, Heavy swallowed. Her lips were plumb and open from kissing. The things Heavy wanted to do with that mouth.

‘Cab, now,’ he groaned and pulled Madigan away from the wall and down the street. She went with him willingly.

Madigan drew in a breath of air as Heavy cited her address as their destination. For a moment, fear surfaced in her eyes and quickly dissipated.

‘I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.’ Madigan cocked her head to one side in a way that was both judgmental and sexy as hell. Heavy slid further down the seat to accommodate the bulge in his jeans. His only answer was a lop-sided smirk.

Madigan pulled out her keys to unlock her door. Heavy could just as easily have kicked the door in, he just wanted to get inside, so he could get Madigan under him, preferably naked.

Heavy kicked the door shut behind him and picked Madigan up. She folded her legs around him and her body pushed him to unbearable heights.

Heavy groaned. He wanted to take his time with her, but not tonight. Tonight, he wanted her now and hard.

‘Bedroom, over there,’ Madigan panted between wild kisses, pointing to the door to his right.

Heavy dropped Madigan on the bed, pulling her tight skirt off in the same motion. The sight of her lacy black panties and her stockings, that ended halfway up her thighs, made him moan. He needed to release his dick from his jeans now.

Madigan stopped shedding clothes as Heavy’s member bounced from the confines of his jeans and licked her lips. Heavy couldn’t wait for those lips to slide over his shaft, but not tonight. He wanted to be inside Madigan. No, he demanded it.

‘Clothes off.’

Madigan complied eagerly, taking off her bra and panties. Her peaks bobbed free. Madigan pinched her own nipples. The sight of her on the bed in front of him was narcotic. Smooth skin and curves. Heavy’s mind was in overdrive with thoughts of what he wanted to do to her.

‘Sweet hell,’ he whispered as Madigan tried to close her fingers around his girth. Her touch was confident as she stroked him down and up. The pressure built up already made him shiver.

‘There’s no time for that. I need to be inside that sweet pussy of yours,’ Heavy growled.

He pushed Madigan down on her back and situated her for his pleasure by pulling her legs up. Her cleft shimmered moist. Heavy thrusted himself between her lips in one earth-shattering movement, making both of them call out.

Rational thoughts were long gone. They both acted on their baser needs. Madigan writhed beneath him. She conformed to his size. Madigan’s embrace was so tight; she was already milking him. Their bodies rocked together savagely, sweat made them slick.

‘Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop,’ Madigan whimpered, shaking her head against the covers. Heavy grabbed hold of her hips, close to climax. Madigan opened her eyes wide, peering into Heavy’s soul, and screamed as her orgasm made her clench Heavy’s dick. The extreme pressure set him off and his load shot off into her depth.


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