Riding rough – chapter 7

Madigan woke as the bed dipped beside her. She hesitated to open her eyes. She had gone completely cuckoo. Not only had she approached a violent biker, whom she had been cautioned against; she brought him back to her apartment for a toss and a tumble. An out of this world toss and tumble, Madigan smiled to herself. Furthermore, he was still in her apartment.

Madigan had never been apprehensive in like situations. The lines would already have been drawn, so her partner for the night knew she wasn’t looking for a relationship or a prolonged cuddling session. Madigan would kindly, but surely, show them the door when the deed was done. If she was feeling generous, and the nights’ activities lasted until morning, she might offer him a cup of coffee, but that was the extent of her role as a hostess.

Now, with Heavy rummaging around her apartment, Madigan was uncertain. Should she go out there and show the big, bad biker the door or would that ensue a reaction of rage or violence? Did she even want him to go?

Madigan scurried out of bed.

This was a one-time thing. She needed to get back in control of herself and her actions. She needed to concentrate on her career and her position at Allister Consolidated. She was only as good as her latest results. She didn’t have time for distractions.

Madigan followed the slight sounds to her kitchen with a tender, sated ache between her legs.

Heavy was right there, looking in the refrigerator. His gorgeous round buttocks made her fingers tingle.

‘Why are you naked in my kitchen?’

Heavy turned around and pulled the bottle from his mouth.

‘Closest cold beer.’

The sight of him resurrected her tender kitty. She licked her lips. The expanse of his chest and the rippling muscles were carved like a Roman statue and yet everything about him classified him as a tough guy, who knew how to handle himself. However, what took her breath away, were the intricate tattoos. Madigan itched to study them with her eyes, fingers, and mouth.

‘Making plans?’ Heavy asked, easily noticing her yearning gaze on his body.

‘That wouldn’t be a good idea. You and I inhabit completely different worlds. We’re miles apart and quite frankly, your world scares me. So no, no plans.’ As Madigan spoke, she regained her restraint and her confidence.

Heavy smiled as if he was knowledgeable to something and Madigan wasn’t.

‘You’re right. No plans.’

Heavy grabbed her jaw in one strong hand. His tongue invaded her mouth and incinerated Madigan to her core. She was ready to melt to the floor, if only Heavy would cover her.

He let her go and went back to the bedroom. Madigan heard him pull on his jeans. She leaned against the kitchen table and downed the rest of the beer, Heavy had left there.

The door clicked closed.

‘Shit,’ Madigan said out loud, ready to buckle over in relief, shock, and that deeply satisfied feeling of being thoroughly fucked.


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