Good morning

You stir beside me in bed. The final ebb of sleep draws away. Your eyes are closed, and you begin to breathe irregularly as you put motion in your limbs.

I love seeing my man like this. Uninhibited. Completely relaxed. No façades. Especially when you’re so much in control every moment of the day.

You roll on to your back. I was hoping for that. I stroke my hand down your chest, feeling the warm skin and the hard muscle beneath.

Even in your sleep, you make me wet. I push my Venus mound into the mattress to absorb some of my sweetness.

I pull down the sheets as my hand encompasses your trunk above your curly undergrowth. You are already hard and ripe.

I wet my lips and kiss the tip, my tongue swirling around the head. A bead awaits me. I lick it up and begin in earnest, drawing you in with gentle suction. Your slick hardness makes my hips squirm.

Your breath catches as my lips brush against your curls, your strong trunk completely covered by my mouth. You groan a deep sound that makes my chest resonate.

I feel your hand grabbing my hair, guiding my head, seeking control. I continue to suck you with abandon; the sound fills the bedroom together with your grunts. You are close. You tighten beneath on the cusp of fulfilment. Your shoot your seed into my mouth and I happily swallow.

Your breathing returns to normal. Your hand caresses my hair as I linger.

‘Good morning, Oleana,’ you say with that husky voice, I love.


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