The End – part 2 of 2

Can be read independently, but read part 1 too. Oleana

He clicked the computer closed and rearranged his pants. Anticipation made me damp. I casually strolled over to him, rubbing his tense shoulders.

‘Do I have your attention now?’ I asked, keeping my voice sugar sweet and letting on that I had plans.

His voice was husky when he answered to the affirmative. I climbed onto his lap; the floral fabric of my sarong divided and framed my Venus mound. I smiled at the way his lips parted.

‘Let’s get this shirt off,’ I unbuttoned his white shirt and pulled it away from his chest. Oh, his glorious chest. I believe his wide, slightly chiseled chest was my favorite part of his body. I enjoyed stroking it, licking it, and supporting myself on it during the act. It embodied his strength and as the same time the shiver that rippled his muscles before he came and the feverish beating of his heart under my touch reminded me that he was human.  I couldn’t help but lean forward and kiss the firmness covered in curls. His hands grabbed my hips, nudging me closer to his bulge. I pulled out a blindfold.

‘Oleana,’ he said in warning. I knew blindfolding him would be new for him. He preferred to be completely in control and enjoyed our mutual physical banter about domination. I usually let him win, but tonight would be different. I started to get up, but he stopped my motion. He was too far gone in lust to back out of this. I leaned forward and tied the blindfold behind his head.

I rewarded him with a kiss, which he made him thrust into my mouth; his tongue trying to dominate. I guided his hands to the knot at the nape of my neck and he quickly unraveled the snippets of the sarong. His hands fondled my body, finding my nipples and pinched them. He followed with his tongue, swirling it around my nipples before pinching them again with his lips. I couldn’t help the groan. His ministrations were wonderful and his enthusiasm inspiring.

I guided his hand to my mound and relished his touch. This was his field of expertise. He stroked me with the palm of his hand, before sliding a digit between my slick folds. He understood how this wasn’t a one-handed job. He toyed with my clit with one hand, while two fingers delved into my slickness. His concentrated circles on my clit and his hooked fingers massaging my inner walls made me gasp for air. The sensations carried me over the top and I came, wetting the front of his pants.

He reached for the blindfold, but I stopped him before he could see anything.

‘I want to see you quivering, Oleana.’ It wasn’t time yet. I had plans, delicious plans.

‘You left me waiting before. Now it’s my turn,’ I said, getting off his lap. I wanted him “needing” to see me, not just wanting to.

‘What do you have planned?’ I heard to the warning in his voice. He didn’t completely appreciate being on the receiving end of my plans.

With the blindfold still in place, I led him to the bedroom, his hands resting on my naked body.

‘Take off your pants.’ Finally, he was quick to comply. His member sprang in attention; he stroked himself and his head glistened. The sight of him made me want to jump him.

I trailed my thumb over his head, spreading the moisture. His hands quickly navigated my body, kneading my breasts hard. His touch was electrifying. I lead him by a tight hold around his shaft over to the bed and coaxed him down on his back. I straddled him, adding agonizing pressure to his erection, but without letting him slide in to my folds. The temptation to feel him inside of me was almost unbearable, but only almost.

For my next step, I needed to be sneaky. He would never condone what I had in mind. I bit down on one of his nipples, making him arch his back and hiss. With slow licks, I moved to the other nipple, noting the way his breath caught. With my bite, I clamped the hand-cuffs around one of his wrists. Before I could recover from the sensation and the surprise, I closed the hand-cuffs around his other wrist and made sure his hands were secure above his head. Now, I had him where I wanted him.

‘Oleana!’  he called with the voice of his dark disciplinarian side. I didn’t let the voice faze me and continued to kiss and lick him.

‘You wanted to lose the blindfold and you’re almost there.’

I moved lower and kissed the base of his shaft.

‘Let me go, Oleana,’ he said, pleasure tainting the roughness he most likely intended. I embraced his silky head with my lips and knew, that he was relinquishing to the slow rhythm. His breath hitched and his stomach muscles rippled. That was my cue. I pulled back, ending with a kiss at the tip.

‘Oleana, I need you to finish,’ he pleaded as he pulled at the restraints. I smiled at myself. I knew I was leaving him hungry, and that was the point.

‘Well then, we better get that blindfold off then,’ I pulled it off and gave him a few moments to take in his surroundings. His eyes were thunderbolts of lust. If he could, this would be the moment when he would impale me and rock my world. I felt his stare on the juices on my inner thighs. He momentarily forgot the hand-cuffs, and growled when he realized he was tied up.

‘Let’s see what you can do without the use of your hands,’ I ventured. I stroked his chest again as I moved up and up, until I could straddle his face. Surprise marked his eyes, but I felt his nose inhale my salty scent. He quickly forgot any inhibitions and traced his tongue between my folds. I rocked back and forth, helping him to hit the spots that burned the most. He lapped at me, his tongue circling my clit that was painfully sensitive. He sucked my clit and pressed his tongue hard against me, making me come throbbing with a scream.

I resurfaced lying beside him, running my fingers up and down his chest, sated and happy. Me: 2. Him: 0. An excellent score in my opinion.

‘Get me out of these cuffs,’ he said, sounding like a powder keg. I glanced at his member. It was the darkest red, ready to burst.

‘Now, Oleana.’ There was no room for negotiation in his voice, not that I wanted any.

‘I have something for you,’ I said as I began to undo the cuffs. I put the short riding crop in his hand. I had given it to him a few times before, and recognized the dark lust sparkling in his eyes. The moment his wrists were released from the cuffs, he jumped up and pulled me in front of him. I stood on all fours His wide hand on my lower back forced me down on my elbows. My cheek rested on the sheets. The riding crop snapped against by butt cheek.

‘You drive me crazy,’ he said, stroking my buttocks, before yielding the crop again. Snap. Heat radiated through the muscles. He caressed me with the soft tip over my now rosy cheeks and down the crack. The crop glided in my moisture. He pecked my clit with the tip, making me buck and groan with the bright star of combined pain and pleasure.

‘You deserve payback, but truth be told, right now I don’t care. I just need to bury myself in you.’ He accompanied his words with sharp whacks with the crop on my cheeks. Each of them sent a current to my clit, which throbbed.

‘Get on with it then,’ I managed to say.

He rammed inside of me with a burning sensation that made me call out. He growled behind me as he pounded me with all his might. I met his rhythm. My walls clenching him, until we screamed in unison.


We didn’t talk about the end during our weekend. We gave each other our undivided attention and achieved that sweet intermingling where our bodies were attuned in pleasure.

As we packed our bags, he held up the riding crop.

‘Mind if I borrow this?’ I shook my head. It was my parting gift together with this prolonged weekend.

In the cab to the airport, his cell phone rang. Exhibit I’ve-lost-count-and I reminded myself that there was no reason to count anymore. Our relationship was great and the finale was thrilling; the thought of it made my panties damp.  

On the plane, we toasted in champagne and his hand rested less on my knee and more in between my legs than was acceptable in polite society. Fortunately, I’ve never been one for polite society. His hand stilled.

‘This is the end, isn’t it?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ I replied. Goodbyes are bittersweet, but it was time. Our escapade was at an end. Any future would be repetition of great encounters.

He pulled my hand to his mouth and kissed my knuckles.

‘I understand.’


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