Riding rough – chapter 10

Heavy counted the minutes while he waited. Anger raged through him, resulting in beads of sweats at his temples and across his forehead. It was her. There was no doubt in his mind that it was Madigan driving the BMW into Sergiev Imports.

‘Damn it,’ he muttered with gritted teeth.

Behind that metal gate and the two ex-Russian military guards, Madigan was meeting with the devil incarnate, Sergiev. Heavy had dealt with numerous warlords and the like in his previous life, but Sergiev still gave him that metal taste of fear in his mouth. He was completely without honor or other redeemable qualities and carried out his autonomous agenda without any scruples or value of human life.

Heavy remembered a prior incident with Sergiev, where one of their stash houses was compromised.

Police sirens filled the air, coming closer every second. The Lost Legion had already retreated, knowing that the police would arrest anyone in proximity, but Heavy stayed close to watch. Truth be told, the anonymous tip to the police originated from the Lost Legion.  

Sergiev ordered two guards to pour gasoline about the ramshackle boarded house. Inside were his own people, weighing and bagging drugs. Sergiev showed no compassion at all. He waited by the porch, lighting a cigarette with a sly grin on his face, before throwing it at the front door.

There was a single moment, where Heavy thought, it hadn’t ignited, but then the flames flushed around the old wood, creating walls of fire. Someone from inside opened the front door and met the wall. Sergiev laughed at the man’s stupidity as he climbed into his waiting car.

The screams from that house still echoed in Heavy’s nightmares. Seven people died in that house in order to prevent them from talking to the police.

Madigan was meeting that Sergiev.

Heavy’s first instinct was to rev out of his surveillance position and stop her, physically place himself and his bike between the smart BMW and the metal gates. From what he knew about Madigan, she would give him hell for even trying to persuade her to step out of harm’s way, but he would do so forcefully if necessary.

Heavy planted his heavy boots in the dust on either side of his ride, flustered of his protective instinct regarding Madigan. Damn, he never felt that way about a piece of tail before. Madigan didn’t belong in the same category as the sweetbutts and civvies he had dipped into previously. Madigan wasn’t just a good, slash that, motherfucking great fuck, she was more. Heavy winced at the realization.

Hell, if he would be pussy-whipped. Heavy checked his watch. She had been in there for 37 minutes now. Anger made a vein in his throat vibrate. Perhaps Madigan was playing him. She was connected to Sergiev and randomly turned up at the Narrow. Heavy replayed the events of that night in his mind’s eye. Madigan had been somewhat safe in the ladies’ bathroom when the shooting started. She ventured out into the hallway. Perhaps, it was her plan to leave with the shooters.

Heavy felt rage churn to a growl, but kept it down. Nothing about Madigan had set off his inner bullshit detector, not that night nor since. Not until this moment, where he was surveying the Sergiev impound, considering tactics and scenarios for a Lost Legion assault.

Even with his rage roaring in his ears, calling him to immediate action, Heavy steadied himself. Acting on his emotions and without an enforceable plan with extradition was a kamikaze trip. Whether or not Madigan played to Sergiev’s fiddle, Heavy needed to get the facts straight before hatching an executable plan.

The metal gates screeched open and Madigan’s BMW sped out of the lot. Heavy noted at a glance that she had been inside for 1 hour and 4 minutes and now, she was literally driving as a bat out of hell. Heavy wondered, if she was driving scared or simply gaining distance to cover her tracks. He released the throttle and followed her all the way back to downtown, where she swung into the underground garage at Allister Consolidated.


Riding rough – chapter 9

Madigan returned to her office with a file under her arm – the Sakroviche file. She sat down behind her desk and began to read. At first glance, Sakroviche had a neat portfolio and even with the time restraint, selling the company should be somewhat straight-forward, but Madigan didn’t know the parent company, Sergiev Limited. It was only mentioned once or twice in the file, and mostly just as the seller without any additional information.

Madigan needed to plan the deal out, keeping Allister Consolidated and herself safe. The file mentioned one potential buyer. A. B. Entertainment Group. The main players were on the field.

A knock on the door made Madigan glance up.

Gavin smiled and strode in, legal pad in hand and ready to be of assistance. Madigan folded her hands in front of her. She didn’t want Gavin to get in any trouble. If this deal went bad in any way, Gavin didn’t need to be contaminated.

‘How far along are your plans to return to Hawaii?’

Gavin’s smile vanished, seriousness taking its place.

‘I haven’t handed in my resignation just yet.’

He was ready to tread the rough path ahead by her side. Madigan knew, he would stay, if she asked him, but that wasn’t a viable option.

‘No time like the present, Gavin. You should do it now.’

Madigan couldn’t begin to divulge the details of the Sakroviche deal nor the sordid client of Allister Consolidated. She was leaving a lot of essential details out, but she hoped that their long professional relationship provided Gavin with the foundation to understand the unsaid implications.

‘You sure?’ Gavin asked.

Madigan nodded.

Her spacious office was full of the silence between them. Gavin hesitated for a few moments, before he answered,


Gavin withdrew, leaving Madigan to the file again. She needed to get started with her intensive research, and in this case, she wanted to spare her associates as much as she could. Her first order of business was meeting the owner of Sakroviche.


Sergiev Imports was situated in a dilapidated industrial area close to the harbor. On her way there, Madigan passed numerous chain link fences and buildings with boarded up windows. She definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore, she told herself, as a front tire once again jerked over a hole in the asphalt.

Normally, Madigan preferred the town cars, Allister Consolidated offered with drivers, but today she requested one of the BMWs, she could drive herself.

The Sergiev Imports sign was old and dirty with the brine of heavy traffic, pollution, and neglect. Madigan slowed the car and took a deep breath. Her heart may be beating so fast, she felt it in her throat, but once she was through the gates, she needed to be the top negotiator, Allister Consolidated employed. Madigan was the top negotiator.  

The heavy metal gate skittered open slowly, two guards already visible by the control booth. They didn’t look like has-been rent-a-cops or guards from a professional security firm. They were huge, un-uniformed, and with scowls like muggers. Madigan let out a breath, when they waved her past them.


Madigan parked the BMW by the main warehouse on the lot and turned to the passager seat to get her bag and her papers. A curl of wind made her jump as her door was opened.

‘Ms. Gardner?’ The man outside asked with a smirk. His minty breath wafted into her personal space.

Madigan tried to regain her cool and smiled.

‘Yes, thank you.’

The man looked a lot like his buddies at the gate, although he was without the scowl. His dark hair was slicked back with pomade and he carried himself as a ladies’ man.

Madigan knew she was on the wrong side of the tracks.

The way the man leaned against the door, Madigan saw that he was carrying a concealed weapon. Top professional, Madigan soundlessly repeated to herself as the man led the way into the warehouse.

Mr. Sergiev rose from behind his cluttered desk and came around to greet her. Tattoos peaked out of his unbuttoned shirt collar. He was tall and sinewy. His hair was salt and pepper, but the firmness of his handshake exhibited his strength.

‘You are definitely prettier than Kilroy. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Gardner.’ His accent was definitely Russian and his overall appearance menacing.

Madigan tried to ignore the presence of the other man behind her and concentrated on maintaining her calm, professional air.

‘Thank you, Mr. Sergiev. As I mentioned earlier, I will handle the sale of Sakroviche within the deadline. My errand today is to introduce myself and make sure we are on the same page regarding the specifics.’ Madigan flashed her professional smile.

Mr. Sergiev showed her to the conference table.

‘Down to business it is.’

The meeting went well, despite the menacing undercurrent. Madigan weighed every word before uttering it, and sensed that Mr. Sergiev was confident with her abilities.

‘Thank you for your time, Mr. Sergiev. I will proceed with negotiations with the potential buyers and will get back to you as soon as possible. There are always details that will necessitate your decision, but I am confident that the sale will be concluded within the timeframe.’

Mr. Sergiev’s smile gave Madigan the chills, but she returned it. She noticed that there are an odd space in his smile, where he was missing a tooth.

‘I am sure we are in the best of hands. Vladimir, please show Ms. Gardner out.’

Vladimir slicked back his hair with flourish and opened the door to the hall. Madigan couldn’t wait to breath fresh air again.

She let out a sigh of relief when Vladimir closed the car door and she turned the BMW’s key. Having her foot firmly planted on the speeder was a mental challenge. Every fiber in Madigan’s body told her to drive away as fast as she could, but she stayed in control, driving slowly by the control booth and out the metal gate.

Madigan sped up despite the bumpy road and didn’t see the helmeted man on a motorcycle following her all the way back to Allister Consolidated.

Riding rough – chapter 8

Even after her shower and a wisp of her eau de parfum, the scent of Heavy still covered her skin and sent Madigan on flashbacks to the preceding night. It had been over the top and even as tender as her body was, Madigan was hungry for more.

She smoothened her pencil skirt down and buttoned another button in the satin blouse to cover the deep valley between her breasts. She would have slept in with him, given the opportunity. Madigan froze, studying herself in the vanity mirror. She was turning into a sissy. Before she knew it, she would be turning into her mother, waiting at home to serve dinner to her husband, crocheting doilies without any thought of the fact that all his late nights weren’t spent at the office.

Madigan chastened herself. Snap out of it. She was an independent woman, who enjoyed a night of fabulous sex. She needed to leave it at that. Now was a new day, where she went to work and showed everyone there, that she was the best of them.

Allister Consolidated was alive with nervous chatter and thick tension, when Madigan exited the elevator. Something was definitely happening right now and it was causing a stir. Madigan ignored it as best she could. There was no reason to engage the office gossip mongrels. She would learn soon enough, what it was about.

She went directly to her office and was patiently checking the business news on her computer, when Bethany knocked and entered with her coffee.

‘Thank you. Now what’s going on out there?’

One of Bethany’s tasks, which played in perfectly with her natural talents, was keeping tabs on the office buzz. She stayed standing, but obviously enjoyed the confidence of knowledge. Perhaps, Madigan thought to herself, she was even a little high after her collegial round-about with Jimmy. Madigan smiled at the thought.

‘It’s the Russian deal, Sakoch, Savage, I don’t remember the name. The deal that Kilroy is responsible for. It blew up. Apparently, the client wants to liquidate the company faster, so the deadline been moved forward and Kilroy is M.I.A. Last time, his secretary talked to him, he was living it up in Dallas.’

‘When was that?’

‘It was a couple of weeks ago. The word on the floor is, that as soon as he resurfaces, he’s heading to the curb.’

Madigan tried to wrap her mind around the known facts. She had heard of the Sakroviche deal that the old-school Kilroy was heading. Kilroy was always beside the rest of the employees at Allister Consolidated. Rumor was that Kilroy and Mr. Ollivers were college buddies and that Kilroy somehow had a special role in the company. Kilroy was masked by a certain degree of mystery, but perhaps his time was up. Madigan didn’t know what kind of company Sakroviche was, but then again, she had been wrapped up in her own cases.

Less than half an hour later, Madigan was summoned to Mr. Ollivers office. Mr. Ollivers was standing by the panorama windows, looking at the city skyline. He seemed more contemplative than usually. Ms. Jimenez was seated on the couch, already pouring coffee in tiny porcelain cups.

‘Sugar?’ she asked Madigan as Madigan approached her. The scene was surreal in Madigan’s opinion. Mr. Ollivers stayed by the window.

‘No thank you.’

‘We have a precarious situation on our hands. A situation that could influence the future of Allister Consolidated.’ Ms. Jimenez chose her words with the utmost care.

Madigan lowered her coffee cup without taking a sip.

‘She needs the unsweetened truth, Linda. Gardner can be trusted.’

Madigan felt a lump in her throat. The suspense was double-edged. On the one hand, Madigan couldn’t wait to be within the loop of knowledge that was the inner circle of Allister Consolidated; on the other hand, it appeared that Allister Consolidated had some dangerous secrets lurking under the clean, professional façade.

Ms. Jimenez studied Madigan for a minute or two, before she continued,

‘Allister Consolidated is a prestigious company and we enjoy high business ratings and the confidence of numerous private and governmental clients. If this situation isn’t handled with the necessary skill set and consideration, our fundament could be tainted or even destroyed.’

Ms. Jimenez’ words resonated in the enormous office space. Mr. Ollivers sighed and turned.

‘About 20-some years ago, Allister Consolidated wasn’t the successful company, we are today. We hit a low point and the board wanted results and corresponding rising stock prices. We accepted a client, Sergiev Limited, who helped secure our gains, but who was less than above board. The indubitable truth is that Sergiev Limited either is or has connection to the Russian mafia. Unable to turn down the client, we decided to hedge in all interaction with Sergiev.’

‘Kilroy,’ Madigan began to understand the situation before her.

Mr. Ollivers nodded.

‘Kilroy handled Sergiev Limited with as much distance to us as possible in order to ensue possible deniability. Now Kilroy is off God’s knows where, and Sergiev Limited has moved up a deadline for the liquidation of Sakroviche.’

Ms. Jimenez continued from there,

‘Sakroviche is in the entertainment industry, owning a line of bars and clubs. As far as we can see, Sakroviche is a legal business. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another side to the company, given the parent company. It needs to be liquidated as soon as possible.’

Madigan was the perfect person to do just that. She knew how to negotiate the deal, even given a strict timeframe and she had the balls to do it. They all knew it, and yet, Mr. Ollivers and Ms. Jimenez didn’t just give her the case. This could be a case that turned up horrible surprises and/or a governmental intervention of the court-ordered kind.

Madigan thought back to the middle of night and her telling Heavy, that their worlds were far apart. His scared her – and now so did her own. The crux of the matter was that Madigan couldn’t back down.

‘I’m in,’ she said without her usual smile.

Riding rough – chapter 7

Madigan woke as the bed dipped beside her. She hesitated to open her eyes. She had gone completely cuckoo. Not only had she approached a violent biker, whom she had been cautioned against; she brought him back to her apartment for a toss and a tumble. An out of this world toss and tumble, Madigan smiled to herself. Furthermore, he was still in her apartment.

Madigan had never been apprehensive in like situations. The lines would already have been drawn, so her partner for the night knew she wasn’t looking for a relationship or a prolonged cuddling session. Madigan would kindly, but surely, show them the door when the deed was done. If she was feeling generous, and the nights’ activities lasted until morning, she might offer him a cup of coffee, but that was the extent of her role as a hostess.

Now, with Heavy rummaging around her apartment, Madigan was uncertain. Should she go out there and show the big, bad biker the door or would that ensue a reaction of rage or violence? Did she even want him to go?

Madigan scurried out of bed.

This was a one-time thing. She needed to get back in control of herself and her actions. She needed to concentrate on her career and her position at Allister Consolidated. She was only as good as her latest results. She didn’t have time for distractions.

Madigan followed the slight sounds to her kitchen with a tender, sated ache between her legs.

Heavy was right there, looking in the refrigerator. His gorgeous round buttocks made her fingers tingle.

‘Why are you naked in my kitchen?’

Heavy turned around and pulled the bottle from his mouth.

‘Closest cold beer.’

The sight of him resurrected her tender kitty. She licked her lips. The expanse of his chest and the rippling muscles were carved like a Roman statue and yet everything about him classified him as a tough guy, who knew how to handle himself. However, what took her breath away, were the intricate tattoos. Madigan itched to study them with her eyes, fingers, and mouth.

‘Making plans?’ Heavy asked, easily noticing her yearning gaze on his body.

‘That wouldn’t be a good idea. You and I inhabit completely different worlds. We’re miles apart and quite frankly, your world scares me. So no, no plans.’ As Madigan spoke, she regained her restraint and her confidence.

Heavy smiled as if he was knowledgeable to something and Madigan wasn’t.

‘You’re right. No plans.’

Heavy grabbed her jaw in one strong hand. His tongue invaded her mouth and incinerated Madigan to her core. She was ready to melt to the floor, if only Heavy would cover her.

He let her go and went back to the bedroom. Madigan heard him pull on his jeans. She leaned against the kitchen table and downed the rest of the beer, Heavy had left there.

The door clicked closed.

‘Shit,’ Madigan said out loud, ready to buckle over in relief, shock, and that deeply satisfied feeling of being thoroughly fucked.

Riding rough – chapter 6

Her lips tasted sweet with a remnant of amber whisky. Heavy wanted more. He wanted to devour her. This broad, Madigan, was a kind of woman he had never met before, the kind he could lose himself in. She incited the caveman in him. He wanted to throw her over his shoulder, take her back to his cave, and never let her leave.

A groan left him as Madigan pulled on his lip, sauciness evident in the glint of her eye. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Heavy turned her head to gain access to the soft skin of her neck. He kissed, nipped, and sucked on her, wanting to leave his mark. His hands crawled in under her blouse, making her quiver slightly. He felt the lace of her bra and cupped her ample breast as Madigan stroked his hardness through his jeans.

‘I’ll take you against this wall, if we continue like this,’ he said, his voice hoarse and guttural.

He needed to take a step back from her, but his hands didn’t leave her body. Feeling her chest expand with every heavy breath against his palms, made his dick throb.

Heavy had spent the last couple of days telling himself that he needed to leave this woman alone. She wasn’t a sweetbutt nor a friend of the MC. ‘Leave her alone’ had been his damn mantra, but every time he thought about Madigan, he felt his blood flowing.

Here she was in his hands. Her silken hair framing her face. Her piercing blue eyes looking at him hungrily, and her mouth, Heavy swallowed. Her lips were plumb and open from kissing. The things Heavy wanted to do with that mouth.

‘Cab, now,’ he groaned and pulled Madigan away from the wall and down the street. She went with him willingly.

Madigan drew in a breath of air as Heavy cited her address as their destination. For a moment, fear surfaced in her eyes and quickly dissipated.

‘I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.’ Madigan cocked her head to one side in a way that was both judgmental and sexy as hell. Heavy slid further down the seat to accommodate the bulge in his jeans. His only answer was a lop-sided smirk.

Madigan pulled out her keys to unlock her door. Heavy could just as easily have kicked the door in, he just wanted to get inside, so he could get Madigan under him, preferably naked.

Heavy kicked the door shut behind him and picked Madigan up. She folded her legs around him and her body pushed him to unbearable heights.

Heavy groaned. He wanted to take his time with her, but not tonight. Tonight, he wanted her now and hard.

‘Bedroom, over there,’ Madigan panted between wild kisses, pointing to the door to his right.

Heavy dropped Madigan on the bed, pulling her tight skirt off in the same motion. The sight of her lacy black panties and her stockings, that ended halfway up her thighs, made him moan. He needed to release his dick from his jeans now.

Madigan stopped shedding clothes as Heavy’s member bounced from the confines of his jeans and licked her lips. Heavy couldn’t wait for those lips to slide over his shaft, but not tonight. He wanted to be inside Madigan. No, he demanded it.

‘Clothes off.’

Madigan complied eagerly, taking off her bra and panties. Her peaks bobbed free. Madigan pinched her own nipples. The sight of her on the bed in front of him was narcotic. Smooth skin and curves. Heavy’s mind was in overdrive with thoughts of what he wanted to do to her.

‘Sweet hell,’ he whispered as Madigan tried to close her fingers around his girth. Her touch was confident as she stroked him down and up. The pressure built up already made him shiver.

‘There’s no time for that. I need to be inside that sweet pussy of yours,’ Heavy growled.

He pushed Madigan down on her back and situated her for his pleasure by pulling her legs up. Her cleft shimmered moist. Heavy thrusted himself between her lips in one earth-shattering movement, making both of them call out.

Rational thoughts were long gone. They both acted on their baser needs. Madigan writhed beneath him. She conformed to his size. Madigan’s embrace was so tight; she was already milking him. Their bodies rocked together savagely, sweat made them slick.

‘Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop,’ Madigan whimpered, shaking her head against the covers. Heavy grabbed hold of her hips, close to climax. Madigan opened her eyes wide, peering into Heavy’s soul, and screamed as her orgasm made her clench Heavy’s dick. The extreme pressure set him off and his load shot off into her depth.